20 Collocations giúp bạn chạm tới BAND 7 IELTS Writing

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    1-To play/have a(n) important/key/vital/crucial role in (doing) sth: to play an important part in sth
    Eg: University education plays a crucial role in improving the quality of human workforce.

    2-To make significant/substantial/valuable/ great/outstanding contribution to sth
    Eg: The medical advances have made outstanding contributions to the public’s health care.

    3-To solve the problem
    Eg: Whoever created this problem should solve it.

    4-To be key factors influencing something

    Eg: The number of the vehicles used is the key factors influencing pollution.

    5-To reap the benefits (of sth): gain benefit from something/ make the most of something
    Eg: The customers reap the benefits of globalization.

    6- To be a contributing factor: to be one of the main causes of sth
    Eg: The vaccination program has been a contributing factor in the improvement of health standards.

    7-To contribute to sth
    Eg: Alcohol contributes to 100,000 deaths a year in the US.

    8-To gain/derive benefit (from sth)
    Eg: Many students derived enormous benefit from the course.

    9-To have a right to do sth = to be entitled to do sth
    Eg: Everyone should have the right to freedom of expression.
    Eg: Full-time employees are entitled to receive health insurance.

    10-To benefit greatly/enormously/considerably … from sth
    Eg: Many thousands have benefited considerably from the new treatment.

    11-To have/enjoy/achieve a huge/great success in doing sth
    Eg: We want all our students to achieve a huge success in the exam

    12- To launch a full-scale investigation into sth
    Eg: The authorities are planning to launch a full-scale investigation into the crash.

    13- To meet the need of/demand
    Eg: The charity exists to meet the needs of elderly people.

    14-To fulfil a role/duty/function/ an aim/a goal/an objective/dream/ambition/hope
    Eg: Visiting Disneyland has fulfilled a boyhood dream.

    15-To fulfil a requirement/condition/obligation
    Eg: Britain was accused of failing to fulfill its obligation under the EU Treaty.

    16-To fulfil a promise/pledge = to keep a promise
    Eg: I’d like to see him fulfill his promise to reorganize the army.

    17-To satisfy sb’s needs/demands/desires/requirements
    Eg: The program is designed to satisfy the needs of adult learners.

    18-To have/gain knowledge/understanding of sth
    Eg: The need to gain knowledge about birth control.

    19- To have/make common cause (with/against)
    Eg: S officials expect other Western governments to make common cause with them over the arrests.

    20- To cause somebody to do something
    Eg: What caused you to change your mind ?

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