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    Advertisements are becoming more and more common in everyday life. Is it a positive or negative development?

    The development of businesses has given rise to the growing number of advertisements that can be seen anywhere, on streets or in the media. In my opinion, this phenomenon could be both positive and negative.

    On the one hand, advertising has brought a number of benefits for not only consumers but also businesses. Certainly, advertising provides details about newly launched products, which is important for consumers who are still unaware of such products. In fact, improving quality alone would be less effective if producers failed to commercialize their commodities. Putting it in another way, companies, entrepreneurs for example, spend a great deal of money on publicity materials in order to approach prospective customers. This, in return, generates higher profit and enhances those companies’ competitiveness in the market.

    On the other hand, the surge in quantities of commercials exerts several undesirable impacts on customers. First, instead of being well-informed about a new line of product, people are being bombarded with all kinds of advertisements. Those can be either deceptive or annoying; and such information overload has become a nuisance to many people, particularly when their favorite telecasts are constantly interrupted by irrelevant promotions. Second, advertising encourages people to purchase what they do not really need. Images of celebrities are used in many extravagant commercials, especially cosmetics, to stimulate people to purchase products that are being advertised. However, in reality, most of those products are of little use to buyers.

    In conclusion, advertisements of various types have become prevalent in modern society; and this is, in my view, advantageous and detrimental as well.

    261 words – Band 9.0 - By Anh Ngu ZIM

    Useful vocabulary:

    1. Details about newly launched products: Thông tin chi tiết về những sản phẩm mới được công bố
    2. Commercialize their commodities: Thương mại hóa sản phẩm
    3. Publicity materials: Nghĩa là những thứ giúp cho một sản phẩm mới đươc người khác biết đến (tạm dịch)
    4. Approach prospective customers: Tiếp cận với khách hàng tiềm năng
    5. To be bombarded with all kinds of advertisements:Bị “bỏ bom” bởi đủ các thể loại quảng cáo
    6. Information overload: Quá tải thông tin
    7. Stimulate people to purchase products that are being advertised: Kích thích mọi người mua hàng hóa đang được quảng cáo.
    advertising 3.png
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