IELTS Speaking Forecast 8-7-2017

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    A building that you think is unusual
    A place near water
    When you went there
    What you did there
    And explain why you enjoyed being near the water at this place
    House moving
    An intelligent person
    A comic actor/actress
    A future plan you have
    A family business
    A science class
    A film you dislike
    A TV program you like/dislike
    A competition you took part in
    A restaurant impressing you a lot
    A place where you learnt about a new culture
    An antique or old object your family has kept for a long time
    Something you saved money for
    A recent change to your life
    A difficult time you went through
    Something you forgot (物品)/Something you forgot to do(事件)
    A training course you had
    A positive event in your teenager time
    A subject you disliked in high school
    A famous/successful person in your country
    A friend you haven’t met for a long time
    Someone with an important job
    A stranger who helped you/who you helped
    Someone who paid you a visit at your home recently
    Favorite singer/musician/music band
    A foreign place(been to/want to go to)
    A city (been to/want to go to/important city in your country)
    A beautiful flat or house you visited
    A room you spent a lot of time in
    A book( you read for many times/you want to read again)
    A photo which you are in
    An important letter or email you received
    A popular product made in your country
    An electronic equipment (not computer) you bought for your home
    A piece of clothing (in important situation)
    A historic event
    A childhood story
    A sport event/something good for health
    A performance you watched
    A conversation with a stranger
    Your favorite season or time in a year
    A decision taking a long time to make
    A group activity you took part in
    Experience of moving to a new place to live
    A party you want to throw
    A job you’d like to try
    A radio program you like
    A useful website you often browse
    An advertisement

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