[Updating] Tổng hợp Idioms giúp bạn ghi điểm trong IELTS SPEAKING

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    Sử dụng idioms trong bài thi IELTS speaking có thể giúp bài nói của thí sinh tự nhiên và thường nếu thí sinh muốn đạt band 7.0+ thì cần phải sử dụng idioms khi trả lời câu hỏi của giám khảo.

    1. Forty Winks: A nap, short sleep

    - I need forty winks before I start to study for the IELTS test again.
    - She just had time to put her feet up and catch forty winks before dinner

    2. Cut From the Same Cloth: To be very similar
    - My sister and I are cut from the same cloth and even sound alike on the telephone.
    - There are thousands of men out there in my country with the same thoughts that all women are cut from the same cloth. How ridiculous they are!

    3. Pie in the Sky: An idea or plan that is unlikely to happen
    - My dreams of becoming an English teacher are just a pie in the sky
    - My plans to set up my own business are just pie in the sky.

    4. Until the cows come home: for a very long time
    - We could talk about this problem until the cows come home, but it wouldn’t solve anything.
    - We can learn IELTS until the cows come home this week to get a high score in IELTS

    5. Balancing Act: A situation in which one must accomplish a number of tasks at the same time.
    - Many people, especially women, have to perform a balancing act between work and family

    6. Spoon-feed someone: To do so much for someone that they do not need to make any effort of their own
    - Some IELTS teachers spoon-feed the students by dictating notes on the books instead of getting their students to read the books.
    - It is highly debatable whether newspaper should spoon-feed the readers with the content on the front pages.

    7. Accidentally on Purpose: If you do something accidentally on purpose, you intend to do it but you pretend that it was an accident
    - I accidentally on purpose erased my teacher’s email address, so I couldn’t contact her again.
    - If I, accidentally on purpose, forget to bring her address with us, we won’t be able to visit her after all.

    8. Play To The Gallery: to perform in a manner that will make people admire or support you.
    - “Selena Gomez is a world famous singer, so it is understandable that she tries to play to the gallery when she attends a fan meeting.”
    - “Donal Trump attempts to play to the gallery so that he can get more votes from people.”

    - “The CEO is a warm-hearted person, he always plays to the gallery when he talks with employees.”

    9. Bone Of Contention: The main point of an argument.
    - ” Nowadays, the increase in white-collar crime has become a bone of contention between politicians.”
    - ” This kind of music is always a bone of contention between Jone and his son.”
    - ” The way of reducing heavy traffic congestion is still a bone of contention.”

    10. Eat The Humble Pie: To accept you were wrong in humiliating circumstances.

    - “The producers of the advert had to eat humble pie and apologise for misrepresenting thefacts.”
    - “The football team have to eat humble pie after losing the match with a terrible score.”

    - “Don’t be arrogant. I hope you would eat humble pie after you realise you were wrong.”

    11. As easy as ABC: Extremely easy or straightforward
    - Some people reckon that learning a brand new language is as easy as ABC, but it is so challenging for me to become a bilingual person.

    Cut Class: To skip a school class | not go to school without excuse
    - If she cuts class more than 4 times, she‘ll fail the course.
    - My friend decided to cut class for 4 days to go to France with her parent.

    13. Put one’s cards on the table: Be open and honest about your feelings and intentions
    - I thought it was time I laid my cards on the table, so I told her that I had no intention of being her lover.
    - I think we should lay our cards on the table and speak very candidly about this matter.

    14. Down the road: In the future
    - I may at some point travel around the world but that’s down the road.
    - I asked my friend for some useful IELTS materials that could be useful down the road for my IELTS exam

    15. Play One’s Ace: Use one’s best resource/weapon

    - It’s time to play our ace and put our strongest player.

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